2009. november 1., vasárnap

Panorama photo

Click and hold your mouse down as you pan left or right to view the entire area.
If you drag up or down the view will tilt.
Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.

The panoramas mean the new generation of the photographs. The observer may not enjoy the picture in only two dimensions already with their appearance, but the sight may have an interactive participant. The panoramas display 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.
   Our panoramas on any computers can be observed, a web page may have spectacular elements.
   The sphere panoramas even into each other can be strung along: we may get over into the other one from one of the panoramas with the help of passages, which ones an index finger-like icon nominates. The so virtual tour is suitable for a hotel's detailed presentation excellently.
   With the help of the sphere panoramas the visitor from any dots of the world, may look around using his own computer the hotel, before he would reserve a room. More may invite a guest with the help of the panoramas into the hotel.

Click onto one of the pictures then on the pictures the left mouse button continuous may look around with him lasting pushed and the moving of the mouse. He has an opportunity on the picture zooming.

The making of unique panoramas

  • The making of a unique panorama (1-5 pictures):
    30 euro / picture
  • More panoramas a band's making (6-10 pictures):
    25 euro / picture
  • The making of a collective panorama (above 10 pictures):
    unique offer

The making of a virtual tour

  • It was ready in addition to panoramas until 5 capable tours:
    45 euro operation expense
  • It was ready in addition to panoramas until 6-10 capable tours:
    60 euro operation expense
  • Panorama tour above 11 pictures: unique offer
Inside Europe from Budapest travel expenses, room rate surcharge
Before an order it is necessary to check


    • With the help of the virtual tour even the full building can be gone in, any rooms can be visited. From the designate reference dots panoramas, normal pictures, documents, web pages can be opened.
    • The unique panoramas flash in a format, the virtual tour likewise flash basis is inaugurated in a library construction. 
    I ask it let him inspect the areas of application recommended by us, our references on the undermentioned side:

    Our Panoramas on the side of the Google Earth:

    Google Earth downloadable:


    If you would like similar pictures their Hotel, I ask it let them write, and I send off our detailed offer.

    e-mail: itb.panorama @ gmail.com

    With a greeting:
    Tibor Illes